Friday, March 4, 2011

Wild Wild West Con Day 1

Today was a slow day for us vendors but it was only the first day. The venue is unbelievable and so authentic. It is in the middle of nowhere and super dusty, hot and sunny. The cacti grow in the double didgits feet high and we have seen rattle snakes and cyotes! Andrew took the morning shift at the booth and just had a lot of people looking and complimenting. I arrived later in the afternoon, pawned off the kids and then I got to work. I dusted, straightend and rearranged a bit then worked. I met some amazing people from all over. Everyone was so nice and very welcoming. There were quite a few people participating in our Humidor Swag Expeller (gumball machine) and winning prizes! The Grand Prize has not been won though...we are still waiting. Maybe it will happen tomorrow...

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