About Me

Creating art is like drinking water for me. It is something I have to do to stay balanced and entertained. I have been creating Steampunk art since I was 12 but never knew there was a "label" for my creations until I discovered Steampunk a couple years ago. I was encouraged by my good friend Mac McGowan of steambaby.net to begin creating to sell to steampunkers. My mechanically minded husband, The Steampunk Engineer,
 got on board shortly after I started creating. We make an unstoppable team that can design, create, machine, build, assemble and sew our way into anything we can dream up. We have spent the past two years building our inventory of tools to help us get to our end result of fine collectable steampunk art.

We live with our 1 and 3 year old sons, Great Dane, Green Winged Macaw and cat in Salem, OR. Andrew works full time at his job on the graveyard shifts and is home creating with us on his off days. I stay at home with the kids and create art and run a semi smooth household. Our life is very chaotic and full of adventure, the house is always a mess but somehow we always seem to make order out of chaos. I love my life here in Oregon, as an artist and would not trade it for anything.

I am always looking for venues to travel to sell my work. If you have a show in mind or a gallery that would be intersted in selling my art please contact me at theanglinartisan@gmail.com.

I try and update my blog at least twice a week. Please check back often to see what we have been up to.

Visit my etsy store www.autumnsteam.etsy.com.

Autumn Anglin   A.K.A.   Autumn Steam