Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time to refocus...

I have spent the past week showing the Artist's Shuffle in LA, updating my Etsty Store, posting the official videos of the Parh To Extinction and decorating for halloween. 

The showing of the Artist's Shuffle was an amazing experience. The venue Echo Country Outpost was the perfect place to show such an eclectic collection. Three bands played live music till about 11:30 and they brought in very mellow, appreciative crowds that responded well to the art. I saw a few of the participating artists, Luka Fisher, Anguiano Art and Girl With A Hook. The biggest surprise of the evening was seeing Tangled Threads! It just happened to be my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I am slowly updating my Etsy Store to reflect my new work as well as updated photos of my past work. The first set from my Creature Series are available now too. Take a look and see if you like something. The holidays are fast approaching, make sure to give me enough time for custom orders.

I have asked Art Farm Pictures to work their magic editing the video of me creating the Path To Extinction. Until then, I have made a small video of just the final painting revolving. This looks slightly like an animation and is one of the most amazing things I have created. Please take a look.

Halloween got in my blood this season! I am so excited and decorating my yard with my imagination. So far we have a 10 foot spider web covered in blood and baby shoes, a 14 foot grimreaper, 10 ghosts hanging from our 20 foot tree, a hanging man silhouette from our top window, a haunted shack and lots of spider lighting! Creepy and fun! 

Happy Halloween!

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