Saturday, March 24, 2012

Custom dolphin journal

I am working on a custom dolphin journal with a sea theme. Love how it's turning out! The colors are so vibrant just like you would see snorkeling in the caribbean. We are also working on a design for a guitar pedal...I will post pictures when there is something to show.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Creating A Stilt Walker's Outfit

We did it!!!! We finished Jarquin's second outfit!

Jarquin ordered this outfit last October but I just did not feel the inspiration until 2 weeks ago. I sat in bed and studied old wind-up dolls, other stilt walkers, and steampunk photos to get some inspiration. Then it hit me...the vision flashed before my eyes and I had to sketch. I sat up until 1 am sketching this design, I even picked off the wood to my colored pencils so I could color in just the right shade. --That reminds me I need to find my pencil sharpener!-- The design was so perfect- I didn't even approve it with Jarquin first -I just started creating. Andrew and I pulled all our motivation, time and babysitting favors we had to get this finished.

A few days ago we made arrangements for Jarquin to stay with us to basically do a 20 hour fitting! We had an amazing time with such a talented, kind and extraordinary person. He gave us such support that it made us push a little harder to get this done. We fitted, sewed, tooled and painted till the wee hours before finally calling it a night.

The next day we had scheduled a day in Portland to be filmed in a Steampunk Documentary at our fellow Steampunker's house. We stopped at the Bomber Diner in Portland to grab a bite and meet the director. Jarquin and I were so excited to have the outfit that we decided to take advantage of the sun break and do a small photo shoot. Andrew went inside and ordered for us while I helped Jarqhin dress, do make up and snap a few photos.

Later, back at Mikel's house, Andrew, Mac and Mikel were discussing the new Boiler Plate construction while Jarquin and I waited on the sidelines. I finished wire wrapping the key sculpture and Jarquin read. No sooner did I finish the key --the final touch to complete the outfit-- then the producer, Byrd, ask Jarquin to dress for the camera.

I filmed the entire making of the outfit in stop motion and plan on having an art instillation of the video, Jarquin in his outfit and some of the photography I have of him, later this fall. I hope everyone will come see us! Date--TBA

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