Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traveling to Tucson

We finally made it after traveling for 3 days from our home in Salem, Oregon to Tucson, Arizona. We drove our trusty Sedona 1500+ miles packed to the brim with our artistic wears, two toddlers and all their toys, a roof rack full of our essentials and bags of "to-do" projects for me to do on the road. I finished one giant bag of cutting 500 business cards, 200 flyers and about 50 new Autumn Steam packages for the jewelry. I also started on a new Time Travelers Journal that is full of recycled maps I found at a scrap store.

We left Salem around 6pm on Monday afternoon, drove to Eugene and gathered our reserves for driving all this way with the toddlers. I discussed some up coming art projects with my good friend Rhi and watched the kids run off some energy. We left around 9pm and then got lost in Eugene trying to find a coffee shop...of course. So technically we did not get on the road till after 11pm. We drove all night and made it to LA around 11 am. We were so tired and the kids were ready to be out of the car. We found a hotel and crashed.

The next day we were on the road again (after a really good nights sleep) and stopped in Hollywood for a bit of tourist action. Hey why not, you have to see everything once! So we took photos with the sidewalk stars and put our handprints in the cement. The kids had a huge temper tantrum so we left in a hurry. We tried to make it to Joshua Tree National Park, but we didn't make it until after dark. Thats ok, we will see that on the way back home.

from about 10-1am we drove the last leg of our journey with the kids screaming. We had just said how good they were too...we should have knocked on some wood!

We made it to Tucson a day early and got settled. The hotel is beautiful and really comfortable.

Off to set up the booth! See you at Wild Wild West Con tomorrow!

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