Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Painting...12 hours and counting.

I came up with an idea, scratched on a piece of paper with a fine tip sharpie, last weekend for a painting. I have been pinning images on an Idea board on Pinterest for months now and decided it was time to do something big. So last month I stretched a watercolor paper canvas on a home made wooden frame and just pulled it out to use. I have been saving it for something special.
I started working on the canvas yesterday and have already put over 12 hours of work into it. This is one of the largest watercolor paintings I have done and I know I still have at least another 12 hours before it is finished.
The subject is pretty dark and i am trying to think of a name for it. I will probably call it Famine or Plague, but we will see. I hope to show it at the Folk Yard show at Boothster in Portland on February 15th.

Here are some photos of the progression of the painting.

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