Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something New, Something Sad, Something Great!

I have some amazing new artwork, journals, paintings (yes, paintings), photography and ideas! I finished Anguiano Art's Journal and case and gave it to him in person at our last Emerge Underground art show in Portland. It was great seeing his awe and appreciation and gaining a new friend out of our art trade. I know he loves the journal and will always treasure it!

I also created a stunning journal for Dana McCarty, lead singer for Faerabella. Her journal is called "The Element of Music" and it will be a great song writer's journal. She is an amazing artist and the band has a dark cabaret jazz sound that will blow your mind. I hope to work on dressing the band this winter. I just can't work with fabric when it is 90 degrees outside.

After my drawing class in May I have been spending a lot of free time painting and drawing. I am just honing my skills but the things I have created have blown my mind. I have uploaded the images to my Deviant Art site so you can view my new photography and painting portfolio. I have to upload hundreds of pictures still, but you can see what I have here :

On a more personal note, my sweet great dane of 9 years died in my arms on July 29th. I am still grieving his loss and miss him every day.

But on a sweet happy note, we have adopted a bouncing baby boy!!! We welcomed Juno into our lives just 2 days ago. He is a white German Shepherd and very sweet, cuddly and smart. I am looking forward to hours of fun playing fetch.

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