Friday, November 5, 2010

Super Sweet Steamy Eye Candy

I am so proud of the purses I made last night. The black one is a small wrist purse that I just love. I took the photo then acid etched it into the brass plate. I rivited it to the purse with an antique key hole. It has a lot of room for such a compact purse.
The small brown one has a beautiful antique enameled butterfly and watch face rivited to the front of it. I added the brass chain for the handle and this one of a kind brass jeweled vace locket to the end. It is perfect for those steampunk meets where you just need to have your cell and id on you.
The last brown purse is one of the more clever things I made. I rivited turkey feathers to the purse and then hand sewed this great branch with birds and nests and a flower. It is spectacular!
There were lots of other creations last night and we will try and finish them tonight! Off to the studio!

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