Thursday, August 19, 2010

Runway Masquerade Fashion Show

I can not tell you what it meant to me last night. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was not nervous and really didn't care what judgement I was going to receive until 1 minute before my line was on. Then came the butterfly's and cheers!

When Andrew stepped on the runway with his Steampunk outfit and our mechanical wings, the crowd went wild. Andrew was wearing the linen vest, linen pants, linen spats, cotton shirt, Joker broach and cuff links made by me. The Monocle was made by Mac McGowan and the cane was made by Andrew. I think there was about 1000 people in the audience and they were all glued to the stage. Andrew extended the wings and walked the runway but instead of leaving the stage he stayed as fixture to show my sign at the end of the runway.

Christopher was next. He wore the new felt hat, red and black silk jacket and pants, and the cane, which were all made by Andrew and I. He was also sporting fabulous goggles and cuffs from Mac McGowan of

Next Mae Bell came out in the stunning red silk and satin corset skirt combo. I also made the outfit, jewelry, tiara and cuff she was wearing. Mac McGowan provided the goggles which really completed that look.

Jack wore my favorite outfit. I gathered all the white silk, satin and velvet I had and put this beautiful piece together. I made the hat, jewelry, corset, 3 skirts with 5 layers, leather peace Lilly and earrings. Mac specially made the cream colored goggles for this outfit. These goggles were unlike anything I have ever seen before and helped pull the entire outfit together.

A big thanks to Rhiannon Dark of Rhi designs for telling me about the show. To Mac McGowan for providing the perfect goggles to accessorize my models with. To Andrew for dealing with the stress and being thrown up on stage. And especially to my models who I hadn't met until that morning but made me so proud to show my work. But none of this would have been possible if my awesome mom hadn't watched the kids for me before and during the show.

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